Terms & Conditions


We require a deposit that can be agreed at time that the customer says they want to proceed with using us..

This deposit is a payment and work guarantee.

Do not pay this deposit if you are not agreeing to see this project through to the end with us as this is a guarantee that your total sum will be payable indefinitely.

Once you pay this payment you are guaranteeing us the work and entering into a binding contract. This is because people can back out of projects when work has been completed so we need to cover ourselves.

 Once you have given us your brief we will make sure we provide a website that functions as best it can to your needs on your budget. Please be aware that at times some things you may like the idea of will not always be possible on your website and within your quote,  we use a selection of pre built programmes that we intergrate into your site to keep cost down for our clients, which means we don't have access to some parts of these programmes to make changes. (eg, moving buttoms boxes, removing things from the pre built programme).

We will work on the initial brief you give us and any changes along the way if they are possible we will carry out but if not we will make you aware. If there are any additional costs to anything you ask for throughout your project you will be made aware, and you once agree the fees will be added to your bill or requested to pay straight away if needed.

Please ensure you give us as much detail at the beginning of the project. This is to make sure you are completely happy with the outcome of the project.

Should you wish to cancel your service you have the right to do within 14 days under the distance selling regulations after your deposit is paid. This is a cooling off period. However this deposit is non-refundable. Once a website is live you are fully responsible to pay for any costs that are outstanding within two weeks, however we may allow extra time if we feel it is needed by our clients in certain circumstances (eg, some information is missing or incomplete) . We do require all information within a maximum of 4 weeks from the day your domain name has gone live unless we feel you may need more time.Your quotes that we give you are non-negotiable once work has been started, however some circumstances may be reconsidered..

By paying our required deposit you fully agree to all the terms above, failure to stick to the agreement will instantly result in legal action. For our solicitors details please email contact@ashleighbranding.co.uk

non communication.

We accept payment by card or bank transfer.  We do not store credit card details.


Virtual contract

Seo is on a monthly basis and is a minimum of 3 months initial contract. This is because it can take up to 12 weeks to start showing results. Once your first payment for SEO has been received you are responsible for making sure all invoices are paid on the same recurring billing date. Your billing date is exactly the date you first started your payment every month eg, if you paid on 1st august, you will begin owing monies from 1st september. By making a first payment to us you are agreeing to this virtual contract. If you don't notify us before your 3rd months billing date of any cancellation you will automatically be entered into a further months contract. where you  may cancel with 1 months notice from your billing date. in some circumstances If you enter a tailored month by month contract or roll in contract of any type please be aware that a months notice will still be required due to the extensive prep work that goes into our service. 

We may request access to your google accounts, blogs or website for SEO purposes. f you do not provide us access to any of these than then we cannot be responsible for lower expected results. 

Early contract termination requests

Should you wish to cancel your services before the 3 month contract end or this is completely at our discretion. If we do agree that you may cancel your contract early with good reason, then you must notify us before your next billing date. If you choose to cancel our work after your billing date you will still be liable to pay the full months work due to work being prepped and a months notice must be given. Any monthly services require 1 month notice before termination. We do not allow you to cut your payment into a number of weeks or days. This is on a per month basis and work is carried out in advance for each month to ensure we get you the highest rankings in the quickest time. Under no circumstances will this policy be negotiable.

Should we accept your wish to cancel after the first month but you don't notify us before the 2nd month billing date, you will be liable to still pay the 2nd month in full. Please note any unpaid bills will be sent to a 3rd party debt collector if payment isn't received within 28 days of your billing date. 

Social Media Services

Our monthly management services are on a month by month contract basis. All payments for social media management services are taken in advance for the following month. once you agree and pay for a month the contract for that month is final. No refunds or early cancellations will be accepted. If you wish to cancel your policy any time after payment is made then this is at your discretion but no refunds will be issued for any remaining days or weeks in your monthly contract as extensive work is done prior to actually posting such as admin time/invoicing/ prep work.

Please note our contracts are on a month by month basis only.


We offer plans based on client budget and you will be given a plan to select from at the time of hiring us.

While we will manage your account the client is responsible for providing content for us as well as us creating our own content to the best we see fit.


Please note that all businesses are different so different content may be required.

any template designs we create for you remain property of ashleigh media group un less blank templates are paid for at an additional charge.


Please note while we aim for certain growth numbers on followers, they are an aim only and this is stated on our package price list before sign up. we will not guarantee to hit these targets or  any numbers due to all businesses being different and because we cannot control the general publics interest on your products/services or personal brand. While we aim to grow engagement rates they are not guaranteed and we cannot accept responsibility for not meeting targets at month end .


Our management packages are on a monthly basis only. By signing up you agree to a month by month roll in contract from your sign up date. To cancel your contract please notify us 3 days before your month end (after your 4th weekly payment) We do not offer week by week contracts.


Should you cancel your weekly payment or direct debit or your payment fails for whatever reason you will still be liable to make payment to us for any days we have worked or work we have carried out until the balance is covered and the fee is settled. You will still be able to cancel your contract if you wish but you will still be liable for any outstanding fees prior to notifying us you wish to cancek.If you don't notify us you wish to cancel your service we will continue to work on your account and you will be liable to pay any outstanding management fees until the balance on your account is settled. By continuing with the sign up process on our website for our weekly payment plan,  you full agree to these terms and conditions .


Should you have a complaint or issue with any of our services you must notify us within 3 months of the service receipt for us to assist or rectify any problems. If you wish to make a complaint you must email us to contact@ashleighbranding.co.uk.and allow 72 days to contact you acknowledging receipt of your complaint. 

Should we agree your complaint is acceptable we will offer a solution or level of compensation.