General Manager

Charlotte is the general manager for Ashleigh social. Charlotte is responsible for general running of the agency along with our director and is the Queen of organisation. She is the main point of contact for clients and keeps everything in the business organised and flowing nicely.


Founder & Director

Ashleigh is the company founder of Ashleigh Media group. Ashleigh began the agency after running a design business for 5 years and decided to expand the brand into a one stop destination for everything digital marketing. Ashleigh is constantly developing and growing the business so that all of our clients have everything they need when it comes to making their business thrive when it comes to getting their brand image right.


Nicole works on our clients social media accounts. She also hosts our weekly masterclasses and delivers them to clients across the country who want to learn how to boost business from their social media pages.

Social Media Marketer


Social Media Manager/Trainer

Margeaux is a social media manager. She is also our head trainer and hosts our weekly masterclasses and delivers them to clients across the country, who want to learn all you need to know about social media.


Teasha is a social media marketer and is also our office manager for our sister company Ashleigh Branding. She is responsible for our general office tasks such as organising print work/ general admin tasks and keeping our house in order as they say.


David is our photographer and videographer! He is one of the most talented content creators around and he produces amazing promotional videos and material to catch your audiences eye and really take your brand image to a new level.

Photographer & Videographer

Office Manager


Phone/text/whatsapp: 07308 516662