5 mistakes you are making with marketing

Hey guys! So as I woke up ridiculously early this morning I thought, while I’m sat drinking my morning coffee I’d get this blog article up 😉

I work on social media and i do marketing day in, day out so I see ALOT of businesses making mistakes. I have worked in marketing now for around 8 years and I am pretty clued up when it comes to stuff like this.


So here's just a few mistakes people are making when it comes to marketing their businesses!


Forgetting about mobile users when it comes to your website..


Everyone has a phone these days and the majority of people use it now for social media/to search on the internet. Making calls are one of the least things that people people do on their mobiles these days so you need to make sure you’re not overlooking mobile customers.

Having a website isn’t enough.

Your website needs to be optimized for mobile devices.


Bad mobile experiences can turn customers away from your business.

50% of people said they would use a company less often if they did not have a site that’s mobile friendly even if they liked the brand. The whole zoom in on your smartphone to click a tab thing is sooo 2016 people!

If your site isn’t mobile friendly then I can promise you now people will be clicking off your website within seconds of landing on it!

A website is an investment and it’s also the window to your store.. make sure you have all angles covered and you are catering to every single visitor..


Ignoring customer complaints

With all the social media channels available, unhappy customers can share a bad brand experience with literally thousands of people in a matter of minutes. In addition to their Facebook, Twitter, and other social accounts, they can quickly post negative reviews about you and/or your products on Yelp, Google, Amazon, and other sites that masses of consumers browse daily.


Now I am totally with you that the customer isn’t always right..

but there are ways in which you can deal with awkward customers and my secret sauce is kill them with kindness.


Trust me you CANNOT please everyone but ALWAYS BE NICE! Do not risk your business reputation and I know it’s hard to back down when you know you’ve done absolutely nothing wrong but ask yourself..

is this worth losing my reputation over? NO IT ISNT! Be polite.


Explain your side, tell them you are sorry that they feel this way and try to come up with some sort of resolution.. and for god sake DO NOT screenshot and share client complaints on social media defending yourself (a piece of me dies inside when I see this!)



Not rewarding your loyal customers.

You need to offer discounts and promotions to encourage buying and get people to your doors and website.

But you also need to look after the people who look after you.


Do you offer loyalty cards or loyalty schemes to your clients online or reward your existing clients with special treats? If not start doing it.. that 10% off they get after their 6th facial makes them feel so good and feel like they’ve been rewarded and got a good deal! Trust me it’s worth it for repeat customers!


Not using social media platforms or NOT USING THEM CONSISTENTLY!


Your business needs to be on social media. This is NOT OPTIONAL if you want your business to thrive..

Social media is a great way to interact with your customers. It’s also very inexpensive.

Unlike other marketing avenues, it won’t cost you anything to create a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account.

Sure, it will cost money if you’re going to buy advertisements and pay someone to run the pages.

But this is still less expensive compared to traditional marketing efforts and required nothing but a phone and some good content!

Your business will benefit from social media more than anything and If you are struggling with social media stop wasting time on things you aren’t good at and focus on what you are (you can always hire us to manage your pages for you 😉)

Not using your email list enough!

If you have a number of emails then why aren’t you contacting people via email regularly? You are leaving money on the table! All these people have either used or been interested in something you’ve been offering for you to have them on your mailing list in the first place.. so why not send them a personal email and reward them with something thanking them for their loyalty?

Trying to do it all alone

Hire help. Trust me this is an absolute game changer and I know because I’ve done it! I hired one person and I now have a team of 7 since March this year! Trust me when I say that You can’t do it all by yourself and I’m living proof of that. if you want your business to grow then make sure you take a look at this below:

When you have some time, infact let me rephrase that...

Go and make some time and write a list about what you do on a daily basis and go through it all bit by bit and ask yourself


If You got someone to do your marketing/admin could this free up loads of time for you to do that course you want to do.. or retrain in this or learn more on that?

Is this bit of work here holding you back from moving forward/learning a new skill to make me more money?

Is it good value of your time as an expert in your field to be messaging around learning about google ads or seo?

Is admin time taking up so much space in your day that you could be using to market your business?

Personally if I had time to do all of my own marketing I’d be worried.. this stuff is like a full time job in itself!


Not knowing your audience

One of the biggest marketing blunders businesses make is not knowing their target audience.

Who do you want to buy your product and service? What Age are they? Where do they live?

What would be their common interests? The content you could put on social media would and should resonate with people of that age/location


So this is unfortunately all I have time for today..

Did you find these useful? 😬

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