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We always reccommend that you be relaxed and show your personality in your posts as we want you to think as social media as more of building a community than a sales platform. Here we have some check boxes (you can pick more than one) or if you are unsure this can be discussed with us in your direct client whatsapp chat.

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Please note: our design team work very  hard on creating the branding for your pages whilst you are working with us.


Any designs or promo adverts we make you while you are under a management plan are completely yours to keep and reuse - but backgrounds/templates and story backgrounds we do keep copyright to us so we don't permit them to be copied  replicated edited or duplicated by anyone else once you cancel your plan and kindly ask that you don't just replicate our designs or backgrounds or edit the posts we've made to reuse at the end of the plan as this takes away from our service. These are kept copyright to use as this is one of the things we pride ourselves on is delivering a well thought out brand image and out of respect for us wed prefer them not to be copied or reproduced.


if you do wish to leave us and want to keep your design and theme going then you can discuss this with us to pay for the release of the background or design templates we have created for you.

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