Welcome to the team!

It’s important for me that we make the on-boarding process of a new client as easy and quick as possible, so I created a simple 6-step system to ensure the process takes no longer than an hour.

To ensure the smoothest of transitions, please follow the steps below:

Step 1:

Fill & return our on-boarding form

It helps us to paint a fuller picture of your needs and makes creating your marketing strategy a lot easier.

Step 2:

Add my business partner Tom as an Admin to your Facebook Business Manager with email: tom.fstone@gmail.com 

To view a quick step-by-step video tutorial:

Step 3: 

Enter your billing information into the Facebook Ad Account  

Please make sure it's a card that won't get declined. If this happens, it has a negative effect on any ads that are currently running so we've found it's best to use a business credit card for this.

Direct link to billing page:

Step 4:

Enabling Two Factor Authentication

Step 5:

Adding me to your Facebook Business Manager

Step 6:

Please send me content/photos of yourself your clinic and your treatments/service (afters alone work better) 

We need as much content as you can get your hands on - images, videos and even testimonials!

Once I’ve got this sorted I can get the ad set up and running.