Academy Programme

Are you a training academy and offer both online or face to face training courses to your students.

Did you know that people are 90% more likely to book a course that offers marketing assistance than one that doesn't?

Join our academy partner programme today and give people a reason to book with you!

This is an amazing Marketing hack for any training academy.. why would you not offer this?

How it works: 

You join our programme FOR FREE

We provide you with material and instructions to give your students at the end of their sessions

We give you a unique discount code to give your students to save them £5

For every student that books we will give you £5 commission paid straight to you and additional bonuses for bringing clients to us! 


We have academies who are now having us run their social media for FREE because they are selling this service out!

Give people a real reason to book with you and make sure they have ALL not just some of the tools they need to build their new business!

Fill out the form below and we will then send you an email with a print out for your students to mention at the end of the training with your unique discount code on!