Ashleigh Social is a social media marketing and management agency that is part of Ashleigh Media Group Ltd.

We were originally a design and website agency but whilst working with our clients on design and media projects, we discovered that they really struggled with social media marketing for their business. As we already had a highly skilled team with endless Social Media Marketing experience we figured why not offer this as an additional service to our clients.

For the past 12 months we've worked with hundreds of businesses on their social media strategy and have seen them grow from an unknown and unseen business to a flourishing, recognised and profitable brand. 

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We now have a whole team dedicated purely to social media marketing and management and work with clients on a global scale.

Not only do we offer social media management but we are now delivering social media training to clients across the country.

If you are stuck for time, don't know what you are doing or simply want to delegate your social media to someone else then please get in touch with us.